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Glow Girl!

Glow Girl!

It's been a while since I have done a product spotlight (my bad) but a couple of people have asked me about skincare.  So here are some of my skincare routines that I feel are essential to keeping my skin healthy and glowing (in no particular order).

1. I wash my face every night and every morning.  And sometimes in between if I feel it is needed.  I wash with warm water and rinse in cold water.  Warm water opens pores and cold water closes them.  I do not use soap on my face or rags.  Wash cloths carry bacteria, no matter how many times you wash them.  I use a face wash and clean hands to wash my face.  If I feel my face needs a "scrub" or if I need to clean my eyelashes I will use a face wipe. *Your eyelashes are your first defense for your eyes.  They shield from (and collect) bacteria, pollutions, etc.  If you get styes in your eye frequently you may need to clean your eyelashes more.  You may also need to replace your mascara and other eye makeup/utensils more frequently*.

2. I rarely drink sodas, unless it is a Ginger Ale.  Every now and then the hoodrat in me will crave a Tahitian Treat.  But other than that I typically stay away from sodas.  Drinking water is sooooo important.

3. I exfoliant once a week with a face scrub and a body scrub.  Exfoliating removes old skin cells and makes your skin soft and youthful.  Whenever I exfoliate I use an extra moisturizer to add moisture back to my skin. 

4. I use products that are beneficial to my skin.  I have oily skin so I use products that help to remove oil and prevent blemishes.  Oily skin is acne and blemish prone (although I don't get much of this, probably because I keep my skin clean) and dry skin is wrinkle prone and patchy.  There is no one size fits all to skin care so use products that help tackle your specific issues.

5.  I listen to my skin! Your skin will tell you what it needs.  If my skin is not feeling as smooth as it usually does or my face feels gritty, I know it is time for me to exfoliate.  I have a very warm complexion with golden undertones, so if my skin looks dull than I know something is going on.  Either I need to drink more water or my skin needs some TLC.  I will use a skin brightening face mask (I like the Say Yes to Grapefruit mask for this.  If you have dry skin you may want to try the Say Yes to Carrots or one of the other lines).  If my skin feels irritated I will use a calming face mask. Etc...

6.  I pay very close attention to the area around me eyes.  This area tends to be a little darker on me.  Dark circles aint cute! So I use an eye cream every time I wash my face.  I also add the Say Yes to Grapefruit brightening drops to my moisturizers and eye creams.  Always gently tap the area around your eyes.  This area is very sensitive and pulling and rubbing will cause premature wrinkles 🙅🏾‍♀️

7.  Use a toner! Especially if you have oily skin.  Toners help to minimize pores. I use the African Black Soap toner by Shea Moisture all over my face when I exfoliate.  And I use the Neutrogena Rapid Clear toner to fight blemishes and dark spots.

8.  Though I love makeup, I don't usually wear it 😮 and when I do I don't leave it on for very long.  And I NEVER sleep in it.  Also, I make sure to wash my face after washing my hair or using oils on my hair.  Keeping your face clean is essential. 

9. CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! I have an everyday cleaning spray I use to clean my brushes after every use (I think it is by Elf) and I try to wash and air dry them weekly.   I have an everyday set of brushes, a travel set, and a set I use on other people.  Good hygiene is key.  Especially if you are using/ letting other people use your brushes.  I also have disposable mascara, eyeliner, and lip brushes that I use for other people.  I got them for a couple of dollars from Amazon.

10.  Whatever you do to your face, you need to do the same thing to your neck! The neck area already tends to be a little darker than the face for most people. And when you cleans, exfoliate, and pamper your face, but don't do the same to your neck, it shows!!! Some people do this with makeup too and their face ends up looking 3 shades lighter than their neck.  You gotta coordinate! *Pops voice*

I can't think of anything else right now but if you have questions about MY routine (I am not a dermatologist) let me know! 

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